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Production Logging Solutions WaterAlarm - Timely Water Cut Diagnostics

WaterAlarm - Timely Water Cut Diagnostics


Water breakthrough is one of the primary risks for producing wells. The nature of the reservoir watercut is very different and depends on the productive strata properties, the oil occurrence initial conditions, and the field development system. The watercut exerts a direct effect on the oil recovery factor.


In 2014, we developed a solution that is highly regarded by the professional community for quick identification of the watercut source and growth areas in horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.  The WaterAlarm technology is based on the use of quantum marker-reporters®, which are introduced either into the polymer proppant coating or into the polymer inserts in well completion equipment.

An important advantage of this technology is that the well "marking" works don’t require significant capital expenditures from the customer and are carried out primarily by GEOSPLIT investments. Later, during the well production, the marker well fluid diagnostics allows the customer to determine the water breakthrough area and to carry out water insulation works.

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