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Technology GEOSPLIT® Technological Advantages

Technological Advantages


More cost effective in comparison with traditional PLT logging in horizontal wells with the use of coiled tubing services or tractors


Higher operational efficiency compared to conventional well intervention


Fracturing requires only a small volume of proppant with quantum marker-reporters


Prevents risks of well intervention with coiled tubing and PLT (possible accidents at equipment rig setup, loss of down-hole equipment in the well etc.)


Mathematical model and high-quality lab equipment lead to a reduction of possible errors in the interpretation of research results


Well completion design doesn’t require customization


Outstanding sensitivity of the quantum marker-reporters results in high accuracy of Quantum PLT

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Research is carried out by Geosplit LLC with Skolkovo Foundation grant financing
The work is performed by GeoSplit company with financial support from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)
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