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Production Logging Solutions For Vertical Wells Stimulated with Proppant Hydraulic Fracturing

For Vertical Wells Stimulated with Proppant Hydraulic Fracturing

Traditional vertical well drilling technologies with subsequent hydraulic fracturing do not always ensure a high recovery rate or profitable oil wells production. The primary reason for this is that the hydraulic fracturing design developers do not have access to all the necessary data, including the interlayers height and the optimal fracture length for the field.

vertical well drilling

GEOSPLIT technology allows users to solve the problem of developing an effective fracturing model for the whole field or cluster, based on the projection of data obtained from one vertical well with fracturing.

A neutron-absorbing material is introduced into the polymer proppant, which allows users to accurately determine the fracture height before and after fracturing through pulsed neutron logging. Moreover, the quantum marker-reporters are introduced into the polymer shell of the proppant injected during the fracturing in various combinations that correspond to the hydraulic fracturing stages. Subsequently, the customer receives the data on efficiently operating sections along the entire length of the hydraulic fracturing during the fluid analysis. They also have the ability to adjust the fracturing model in the adjacent sections of the field.

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