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Technology GEOSPLIT® Quantum Marker-Reporters

Quantum Marker-Reporters

Marker-reporters®, created from quantum dots, offer the unique ability to absorb energy over a wide range of spectra and emit a narrow spectrum of light waves.


The fluorescence intensity of quantum dots is 10-20 times higher than that of organic fluorophore dyes used in tracer diagnostics.



The quantum dots are more chemically stable than natural fluorophors because of their chemical composition, which reduces the photobleaching effect often seen in organic dyes. This composition also means they can withstand the effects of acids and high temperatures.
Quantum dots
Quantum dots are used in GEOSPLIT® technology primarily due to the large number of possible combinations in the synthesis of marker-reporters (more than 60), called signatures.

Each step or interval uses its own unique signature, which helps to exclude the interpretation errors and meets the modern requirements of multistage hydraulic fracturing with 30 or more stages.

Quantum dots fluorescing under laser irradiation.
proppant with marker-reporters
Various types and marker-reporters® combinations of several microns in size are introduced into the proppant polymer coating, which gradually degrades upon contact with oil and water.
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