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Well Integrity Solutions

Formation water breakthrough can occur for a variety of reasons, including damage to the insulating elements. This may result in accelerated watering and even well loss. It is not difficult to find fluid leakage in a vertical well, but a specialized well intervention with PLT, followed by a complete replacement of the casing string, is required to determine the cause of integrity loss. However, determining the cause of increasing watercut is, as a rule, much more challenging to pinpoint in horizontal wells.

polimer insert
GEOSPLIT technology helps detect the packer depressurization, both in vertical and horizontal wells without well intervention.
The polymer inserts with quantum marker-reporters® are placed between the packer elements. Each insert is provided with an individual marker code. If damage occurs to the packer/packers, the markers of the corresponding signature will be identified in the production fluid samples. Laboratory testing of the samples will quickly identify well areas where the watercut increases due to the loss of packer integrity.


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