DIGEST Q1, 2021

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Russian Venture Company (RVC) published the list of Russian fast-growing tech companies topping the national rating TechUp—2020.
Every year, the companies outrunning the competitors in terms of average revenue growth, innovation, and export potential are ranked among the best.
For the second year in a row, the Expert Board includes GeoSplit in the rating. This time we lead in all categories among small businesses (revenue up to RUB 800 million).
This is quite natural, since GeoSplit offers high-tech solutions designed to enhance field operation efficiency to operators around the world. Currently, the company's portfolio includes 200+ marker-based production logging projects.
Despite the challenges of 2020, the number of projects in China and Middle East regions significantly increased.
GeoSplit continues to actively expand its global footprint, aiming to reach Asia-Pacific and Latin America in the near future.

Technical Director, GeoSplit


Every year, digital technologies penetrate the business operation strategies deeper and deeper. They have become particularly widespread in manufacturing.

2020 saw dramatic changes both in our everyday life and in the professional environment. In my opinion, however, the oil and gas industry, despite its inherent conservatism, has demonstrated a flexible response to external challenges. This became possible, among other things, due to already evolving industry practices of digital transformation.

With rare exceptions, most oil and gas companies in Russia have their own digital strategies. It was in many ways 2020, however, that became a turning point spotlighting the prospects of digitalization as merely a fashion trend or a real tool that will bring new technological value to our industry. Just like many oilfield services companies, we have redesigned some of our business processes, transferring them to digital environment. And, of course, we concluded once again that we had embarked on the right path of developing digital solutions designed to boost the value of our traditional products. In more detail...


GeoSplit experts traditionally take part in all key events of the oil and gas industry both in Russia and abroad.

They deliver presentations on topical issues, speak about new GEOSPLIT technology solutions, and are available for meetings face to face.

To arrange meetings, contact us by the email info@geosplit.ru

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II Quarter Announce

May 18 — 20, 2021

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

OGU 2021: Oil&Gas Uzbekistan

May 24 — 28, 2021

Astrakhan, Russia

Horizontal Wells 2021. Challenges and Prospects

June 01—03, 2021

Baku, Azerbaijan

Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference

June 02—03, 2021

Moscow, Russia

Oil and Gas Fields Development 2021

June 07—09, 2021

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt Petroleum Show — Egyps 2021


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